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Increase the turnover of a company is constant task for any owner or manager and often only tools sales department standards can not be the necessary impetus to the organization.
So I come through this offer advisory services for procurement of goods and services to be procured by the Government agencies. Our company consists of an excellent team which devotes all his experience, knowledge, competence, responsiveness and relationship to provide a personalized service to its customers, integrating, assisting them in bids in the electronic and face-trading mode, making price competition and invitations in order to make your company participates in the most possible bids for an effective result.
Often, the bid is regarded by companies as a complicated, time consuming or even impossible. Be the complexity of documents, organization in general holdings in notices or training qualified personnel. With our support your company will have the condition of participating in a large number of proposals with the utmost security, control and making records in all states of Brazil.
We have a team that filters daily about 3,000 notices in Brazil in several segments and by studying their segment, we saw that there are numerous opportunities and as STILL do not have your segment in our portfolio, am contacting for you offer first the opportunity to enter this market bids immediately.
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